Faux Fur is back


How are you doing today? In Novi Sad today is crazy weather, mixing sunshine and raining. Ah hate that kind of weather! But never mind, today is my mum’s bday and honestly i didn’t buy her anything so i have to hurry.  Today I am so busy and i was a bit late.. But my photographer Luka has use to it hah. Today I’m wearing Zara’s faux fur, H&M hat, Nike sneakers, Pull&Bear jeans, and bag is from Aldo.

I was so not for faux fur before couples of mounts, but now I make up my mind.. I have just that one faux in closet, everything else is real, but just stop for a second and think: people kill animals just because of fashion, just because to make some bags, jackets, wests, and shoes… I know that faux fur can be so ugly when girls wears it for so long, but you can also find some good peaces like i did. So just to note that i didn’t say that i wouldn’t wear real fur anymore, i was just saying that fact that i realize now.. And if you are watching new collections on New Yourk fashion week, you will see that there is no more real fur.

Trying to change my habits, and attitude, to better, cause we are only ones who can make this place better place for living.

See you soon

Love, Tasa xx

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