Team Building

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In every job, the most important is team work. So because of that fact, in so much big companies like Apple, Google also Mac Cosmetics, even smaller companies have special days when their staff sits together and working on their communication, trust, and knowing better each others, which is helping, of course, for better business for company. So, like that big companies, my friend and photographer Luka and I, have know each others so good, enough good to know how he likes to take pictures of me, but also he knews  how i like to pose.. But everything is based on trust and knowing each others, hours and hours hanging out and laughing, talking.. So that team building is very important, not just for owners of companies, it is so important for people in it, because they are learning to became a better persons, tolerance and to love.. Be team player, be tolerance

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love, Tasa xx

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    Great read, I love your blog.

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