Ski Time On Kopaonik


On this winter brake, my friends and I, decided to go on skiing on the most popular mountain in Serbia, Kopaonik. I was so happy about everything that because I am a fan of winter sports, and I haven’t been on skiing for wile. It was unexplainable! It was first time that our parents let us alone somewhere on vacation with  friends. We have been on so different locations for vacations, but never alone. So, when we decided to take this trip, we decided to take a big risk. Living alone in hotel with 30 friends, skiing, going out, doing stuffs that we cannot do in our town. I was in room with 2 my friends, twins,Tamara and Tijana and it was best 7 days in my life. I have to admit that we were going out more than skiing haha, but that was for expecting.. I was skiing for 4 full days, and it was freezing cold, minus 17 degrease, snowing, foggy and strong wind.. But that was just like my dream weather for skiing.. All of my friends think that I am crazy because of loving that weather, but yes that is me! That day i was taking the path with 2 of my friends, Boris and Robert and it was very excited! Other days i was skiing with Una, Anja, Nina and a few more who were able to get up from bed after a crazy night haha. We were in one of the best hotels on Kopaonik, Angela, which is second part of Grand, five star hotel.

This crew, this vacation, is something that i would never forget. To be honest, i start preparing myself for next year, counting days till next skii vacation, and of course same crew!

See you soon

Love, Tasa xx



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